Mavs have oppurtunity

The Dallas Mavericks have now evened the series up with the Miami Heat 1-1. Game 3 will be at Dallas. The Mavs have a great chance of putting pressure on the Heat, and leading the series 3-1 in the Finals. Yet, the Miami Heat always will have a huge scoring machine coming from the big three. But it doesn’t just matter about scoring for the big three, it matters about the aggressive defense they put on the Mavericks. For the Mavericks, Dirk Novitzki is going to be playing on game 3 coming of a 24 point game on game 2 where he scored the game winner. Novitzki is going to be aggressively guarded well, or even double teamed on. But his shooting release gives the Mavericks a bit of luck for winning the Finals.

Dwayne Wade is coming of a 36 point game off of game 2 where his team lost by a game winner from Dirk Novitzki. Dwayne Wade has to be really quick in this series as well as scoring, and assisting Lebron James and Chris Bosh. As a guard, Dwayne Wade has to commit lots of turnovers an score in the fast break. But the Mavs aren’t done yet. They will never lose their three point shooting coming from Jason Terry. Also, they will be coming out strong in the three pointers, and inside the paint where Dirk will do all his work.

Get ready to be thrilled when you watch this game. It will be a really agressive game and it will also have good performances and also a lot of scoring from these two teams. But the thing is, the Mavs have a big chance of leading the series 3-1. Will this happen, or will the Miami Heat win instead?


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