Lakers Lose Series?

         As the NBA Quarter finals go on in the Western Conference, the L.A Lakers have a 70% chance of losing the series against the Dallas Mavericks without winning a game. In the first two games in L.A, the Mavericks dominated both, and now are leading 2-0 against the Lakers. Not only Lakers are deeply loosing, there are some problems as well in the court.

       When game 2 started, many people wanted more from Andrew Bynum inside the paint. He may have done a good job, but the question is ; How will Bynum be able to keep Tyson Chandler from getting wide open dunks? As for Ron Artest, he got ejected from the game because of slapping J.J Barea in the face after Lamar Odom already fouled him. Ron Artest will not be playing against the Mavericks in game 3 because of his suspension. Also, Lamar Odom wants to play. While playing in game 2, odom went up to Phil Jackson, and told him that he wanted to be part of the scoring. After game two ended, the Lakers lost by about 10 points.

Here's Ron Artest as he gets his Technical.


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