NBA Playoffs- Quarter Finals

      The Quarter Finals of the NBA has started. For the Eastern Conference, the teams are Celtics-Heat, and Bulls-Hawks. As for the Western Conference, the teams are Lakers-Mavericks, and Grizzzlies- Thunder. Many conversations of which teams are happening. For example, some people predict that the Finals for the Western Conference will be Memphis and L.A..

    For the Celtics, they need to think fast of how they are going to play against Miami in the Playoffs. The reason is because, in the first game, they got in a lot of pressure by the players, and the crowd in Miami as well. Also, the question is; Will Shaquel Oneal return from his knee injury to play for the rest of the playoffs?

    As for the Oklahoma City thunders, they have to play well against the Memphis Grizzlies as well. That’s because Memphis dominated in the first game against the Thunders because of the poor defense and the quick turnovers.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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