Earvin “Magic” Johnson- BIO

                         Earvin Johnson was born on August 14, 1959 in Lansing Michigan. He was raised by Christine Johnson (mom), and Sir Earvin Johnson (dad). After all the reasearch I did about him, I found out that he was in love with the game of basketball before he was even in the third grade.

                        Magic went to Michigan State University. To have get better, he skipped classes and practiced on the courts. His parents then told him to ONLY go to classes. So he did. A year later, he won his team an NCAA championship.

                         When he turned into a pro, he got drafted to the Los Angles Lakers. That time, Magic played with Kareem Abdul Jabar (a 7foot 2 inches Center for the Los Angeles Lakers).

There's Kareem (left) and Magic (right)


   One day, Johnson’s doctor told him that he had HIV (AIDS). So Magic retired from the NBA. His life without being in the NBA felt awfull. So Magic re-entered the NBA. This time, he was on all All-Star games and he won his team an NBA title as well. he then retired for the final time.

    Right now, Magic is living as a business man who owns a few Starbuck Cofee shops and has a company called I Stand With Magic, which helps many people with HIV.


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