NFL- Playoff Recap

  During the competitive playoff games in the NFL, there have been two important matches which decides which two teams go to the playoffs. These matches wer Bears-Packers and Jets-Steelers. These two matches ended and the following teams qualified to the Superbowl (or the championship) which are the Packers and the Steelers.The Packers come from Green Bay (in Wisconsin) and the Steelers come from Pittsburgh (in Pennsylvania). 

      As the Jets lost their hopes and chances of winning the AFC championship, there was alot of frustration from the Jets head coach: Rex Ryan. He won two amazing games with the Jets and wasn’t able to accomplish another victory against the defending champs 2 years ago (Steelers). After the disappointing loss against the Steelers, Rex Ryan got so much frustrated that he took out his headphones, and angrily threw them to the ground. His team was so close to winning after a big comeback in the 2nd half. But the Jets would have to try again next year.

    The Packers are up against the Steelers. This will be a very tough match for them. There defense team has to do a good job not letting Ben Roethlisberger throw the ball to any recievers. Also, the offense should have the offensive line not let the Steelers defensive line sack the QB. Aaron Rodgers should make great plans so that James Starks has a way to run. One thing is that the offence shouldn’t throw and picks to  players such as Troy Palimalu who could pick it off and run.

   The Pro-Bowl All Star game will be held in Hawaii at January 27th as the Superbowl will be held at Dallas at February 4th. Don’t miss one of the greatest players throughout the AFC,NFC,etc, square of and have a challenging game.


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