Detroit Pistons nice game against Cavs

  The Detroit Pistons won a thrilling game against the Cleveland Caveliers. It was the Detroit Pistons first win in a 4 game losing streak. And it was Clevelands first loss against the Pistons when they won against the Pistons seven straight times  . Both Pistons and Caveliers have to improve. Pistons are 6-14 while the Caveliers are 7-12.

   Tayshaun Prince said that the Pistons’ offense is ok. But the Pistons have to look in the mirror and improve there deffense. Pistons have lost eight out of ten games of their last eighteen games. Including the 104-91 loss to the Orlando magics. But now, Pistons look forward to play against the 2008 NBA champions- Boston Celtics.

   The Cleveland Caveliers have lost three disappointing games. One of them was a huge loss against the Minnesota Timberwolves. They trailed by as many as 40 and they lost 129-95. This was Clevelands wort loss since Nov.28, 2007. Still, Clevelands head coach: Bryan Scott, says he doesn’t see any energy from the Cleveland Caveliers.

  These two teams of the Eastern Confrence have fell behind big time when these two teams used be one of the Eastern Confrence big dogs. They need to find out a solution for both teams.


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