Lions horrible season!

     Lions are having a very bad season. The have lost three consecutive games. The problems with the lions is that they have switched to another QB and also many players aren’t able to catch the ball very well. The lions have to get  some winning momentum. They have only won 3 games and lost 6 ( I am not precicley sure).

        In deffense, Lions have to get alot of interceptions. Mostly in the 4rth quarter, Lions start to trail by 6 points. In that time, they need to raise the deffense up so they can get the ball and maybe outscore the other team. This will make the Lions a more better team in the NFL. Also the Lions might once again win the superbowl if this happens.

            The Lions are a pretty good team compared to some teams in the NCAA league. But in the NFL, they have to be a bit more better. But I think that the Detroit Lions can be an awsome team.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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