I just finished reading one of the newest scholastic books- FRAMED. It was a really good book that was very entertaining. I’m going to write a summary about it. 

                One fine and sunny day at Cedarville Mddle school, Griffin Bing was having a very good time. But after a while the school school was in alert. Someone stole the superbowl ring. But now they are blaming it on Griffin. But no need to worry, Griffin Bing is known as the man with the plan. But before he coould do anything, he lost in court and was sent to another middle school called JFK (Jail for Kids). It was very aufull. The teachers were really mean and they killed you at gym. A few days later Savannah (Griffins friend) and others try to help griffin. But the more the try to find the mystery, the more they get in trouble.

           Read more to find out the rest of the story. 



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  1. bob b says:


  2. clayton l. says:

    does anyone know what the mood or tone would be for this book because i really need to know for school. thanks.

  3. i dont know the mood of this book but i have to take an ar test and i dont remember the whole thing i forgot after the part where griffin was trying to take off the anklet on his leg plz help……….:)

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