My first game of my Basketball League

It started out 5 minutes late. I entered the court and sat on the bench because I was late. I looked at the scoreboard and my team was loosing 7-4. After the first quarter, the 2nd quarter started. That’s when I came in the game.

     The 2nd quarter started out a little bit sloppy. There were some mistakes going on. But we managed to score. One of the best moments in the 2nd quarter was when I first scored a 3 pointer, and then I crossed 2 people and made an easy lay-up. But  now the game was a tie.

                    The score was 22-22, I was sitting on the bench. The game wasn’t going that bad. But the thing was, when they a single lead they’re keeping that lead for a long time. But now they took the lead but it was only a 3 point lead. When I was about to come in, it turned into a 10 point lead! I got in the game, got the ball and started looking for wide open teammates, and if I couldn’t find one I would drive to the basket and make a lay-up (which I did!). My teammates and I started to play good now we took the lead down to 5.

                  Now came the moment everyone was looking for, the ending, this really was a close game. There was 3 minutes left, I got the ball and started to share it with my teammates. As we were continuously playing. The lead got smaller. It was a 5 point lead. there was 30 seconds left, my temmate got the ball, rushed it towards the basket, and made it in. But then, 5,4,3,2,1 (buzzer rings) we lost by 3 points.But I thought to myselfe, better luck next time! That was my first basketball game for this years league.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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