The Red Pyramid

Hey readers! I just finished reading an awesome book called The Red Pyramid. The red pyramid comes from a series by a New Yorks Time bestselling author-Rick Riordan. The series is known as the Kane Chronicles. This book is about 2 kids Carter, and Sadie. They were raised seperetly when there mom died. Because there grandparents blamed it on there dad. Now, Crater travels with his dad around the world because his dad is an archiololigest, and Sadie just stays with her grandparents in London. Carter, Sadie, and her dad are all only allowed to meet in Christmas and in the Summer ( I am not sure about that) but one day when they met in Christmas, they then realized that their family was from a family called the House of Life. The House of life is a family from Egypt that has powerful magicians. Anyways, in that day they both also realized that they are powerful magicians. So they are on a journey to stop Set, the god of chaos of ruining the world on his birthday. Read to find out the rest of the story by reading The Red Pyramid.

  P.S- Sorry if I didn’t explain it well. ( It is a huge story with about 515 pages).


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