The VSMI picnic

In the 1st of August, we had a picnic to go to. That picnic was in a program that we as Indians do is VSMI. It was so much fun. We got to play volleyball, cricket, football and soccer. We also got to eat ice-cream, Burgers, and Pani Puri (a very delicious indian snack). I am going to tell you all about the picnic.

It all started at 9:00 in the morning when me and my dad left to Stoney Creek Metropark. When we got there, we started to set to set things up with 2 other VSMI members. After we were done me and another VSMI memeber started setting up the games. When we were almost about to be done, my friends came. They watched us finish setting up the game and then me and my friends started to play the games. And soon minute by minute my other friends started to come until everyone was there at the picnic.

Me and all my other friends started to play cricket. Then after sometime, we started to play football with another grown-up. Then we took a break and ate a burger. We waited for sometime and played volleyball with tons of other grown ups. Everything was going extremely well. As time passed we ate Ice-Cream. And then we saw the grown ups heading to the baseball field to play cricket so we followed them. Playing cricket was fun, but you needed a lot of skills. But unfortunately we lost the cricket game because the other team scored more runs than us.

After cricket we headed back to the picnic and then we kids played a little bit of soccer and volleyball and then it was time to go home. Like I said the picnic was very fun. I enjoyed it a lot. But the next day I woke up, my whole body was a pain.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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