My experience of driving a real plane.

Have you ever wondered or thought of how it would be like to drive an airplane? I actually got to drive a real airplane with a professional pilot. His name was William Appleberry. Driving an airplane with him was a blast. There were many great views from the top to the bottom. Also, we were so high up in the air that all the cars looked like people, and all the ponds looked like cars! But while I was in the air, I was hearing many interesting facts that my pilot told me. But sometimes, I couldn’t even understand a thing (so when he told me things that I couldn’t understand, I just said these words Oh, Oh Yeah, and Ok). But I still had a lot of fun.

It all started in a very sunny day. I woke up at 8:00 in the morning and started getting ready to go to the ray airport (the place where I flew an airplane with a professional pilot). I simply got ready and waited for the rest (my dad and sister) to get ready. Once everybody got ready, My dad called my friend and my sisters friend and told them to get  ready. So then after 30 minutes we went and picked up my friend and my sisters friend. And as soon as we picked them up, we were on the road to ray airport.

While we were on the van we were talking and wondering of how it would be like to fly a real airplane. We also told many jokes and riddles along the way. We were then extremely quiet when we reached there because we wanted to see how the airplanes landed and how they took of. We also saw 20 airplanes that kids could ride on. After we saw everything, we followed my dad into an office were my dad had to sign some applications for us. Then, a lady came and asked us if we wanted a video of us taking of on the airplane and landing. My dad said yes. So then I was happy because I wanted to see how my airplane took off and landed. Then, the same lady took us to our pilots. First up was my sisters friend, she got a girl pilot and her airplane was blue. Then came me, my pilots name was William Appleberry and my airplane was red and it so much electronics inside. Also the wings looked awesome! Then it was my friend, he got to sit on the fastest airplane but when I saw it, it looked like the 2nd fastest. And last but not least, my sister. She sat on the same airplane as her friend but they two went separately.

After all this happened, it was time to take off. First my sisters friend took off. It looked amazing. Then it was my turn. Since my dad told that lady to video tape the whole thing, she asked everyone questions before they took off. So the questions she started asking me were questions like How do you think it will be?, and Have you ever been on these types of airplanes before? I answered all these questions quickly and then my pilot was getting ready to enter the plane. And while that was happening, it was my friends turn, and it already seemed that he was done with everything. And when I saw him take off, it was like the speed off a hurricane. Then finally my pilot came. He started telling me all sorts of stuff. He took out a map and showed me where we are going to go and how many miles were are going to cover. It was kind of interesting. Then finally, after 15 minutes of explanation, we took off. And it was fast. I noticed that when ever someone took off, that lady was video taping everything. Anways, while we were on air, I saw every single view. I saw the views of houses, I saw the views of the trees and I saw most views of cars and ponds. We were so high in the air that a car looked like a person and a pond looked like a car. after 20 minutes he told me something through the microphone, then I didn’t hear him well so I asked him what did he say and he said that we are going to land. So while we were landing, everything looked normal again. and then I saw that same lady recording us land and also i saw my dad take a picture. After I landed and got out of the plane, I got certificate and a logbook. After I got it, I waited with friend and my sisters friend for my sister to land. And as soon as she did we all were so happy. Then a nice guy came up to us and asked us we want some chips and pop and everyone said yes including my dad! Then we headed straight back home and now, I will never forget this day ever in my life.


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2 Responses to My experience of driving a real plane.

  1. William Appleberry says:

    Veeresh, Imagine my surprise at finding your blog by accident. I am glad you enjoyed your flight. My first airplane flight was to Chicago (from Detroit) in 1957 in a DC-6 propeller plane. I remember it like yesterday. It took an hour then, (it still takes an hour today in a jet). Your blog is pretty amazing to me. I think you are very intelligent and will be able to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. You and your friends are welcome to come back again next summer.


    Bill Appleberry

  2. vishwa says:

    wow!this is a miracle!!!!!!! for you

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