Lebron accessories are still worth!!!

After many days of burning jerseys, ripping signs off and writing -L’bron faded from the ! Somehow one thing has happened to be worth something. I call it, Lebron’s treasure. It is his Jersey which has created a big news now. Lebron had sold it for 5 dollars. And a girl had bought it, when she in the highschool and didn’t even know how much valuable it was. For some reason she went the diamond lab and asked what was it  made out of. So then they studied the it they told her that it actually has real diamond in it. They also told her that it was worth around 10,000 dollars!! WOW!! She was happy. What did she do with it? Gave it to charity..NO..No. She put it on sale (e-bay). So  this proves  that Lebron Jame’s jerseys and are still more valuable.  Wel cav fans what you are doing does not make sense, instead of just destroying Lebron James’ jersey, please check if it carries real Diamonds. Some Lebron James items are worth a lot. So before burning watch for diamonds!! If you find one..Thank me & Let me know..I wont ask for my share. I am Veeresh Neralagi and I approve this Message.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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