My Awards

Hello, I wanted to tell you about my awards I got from my last day of school.

Future author award- My teacher took a plastic plate and wrote that she enjoys my writing. She also said that I can write loads of pages. I am very happy to have this award. Now people can tell that I write a lot. This is my favorite.

Cool to Care award- Cool to care is an award which proves that you are a good student and you care about other people. I got this because I help people if they have any situations where they don’t understand stuff. So I usually help them out. I also got a wrist band to go with the award. I love this award.

Attendence award- I got this award because I never missed a single day of school. I also have perfect attendence everyday. Also, in an assembly, they called my name and I had to stand up in front of everyone. Which made me happy because some of my old teachers got to see me. This award gives me a present.

Safety award- I got this award because I did a good job doing my safety job. I had to stand out in bad and good weathers every school day and open cars so I could let kids in instead of them opening the cars. That’s why the boss of the safeties gave me a goody-bag. I also had a safety party to go to. I just can’t stand looking at this award.

Well, these are all my awards. I will never throw them away. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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