Which jobs I think are the best

I think jobs like lawyers, doctors, sports players, and movie filming or acting are good jobs because you get a huge amount of money paid to your monthly salary. You could also have a chance of being famous like Kobe Bryant, and Tom Smith. But no matter what, you have to practice a lot to get the job. Sometimes, if you’re a doctor, you would have to work over night and into the next day. The reason why I like these kinds of jobs, is because you work hard, gain knowledge (power or speed), and you earn your tons of money.
In my opinion, I think being a sports player is a good job. Because you get healthy and you get good knowledge (sometimes). You also have to practice everyday, jog 19 to 20 rounds, gain those guns (muscles), and get good eyesight by eating healthy food. You also have to be fit for traveling in the plane to different places located in different states. I would actually want to be a sports player.
Getting, finding, getting voted, or getting interviewed for these jobs is not simple. Even if you try so hard, there’s a lot more to get passed through. That’s the reason I actually like these jobs. They helps your life a lot. It doesn’t only help your life, it helps everyone’s life.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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