NBA Finals 2010 Lakers-Celtics Which team would I pick to win the NBA Finals

I think the Celtics would win the NBA finals because they have very good players. They also have a coach who is very smart and makes good descisions. Also the Celtics won 17 championship titles and the Lakers won 15. Also the Celtics great 5 have improved alot and that’s why they made it to the finals easily. That’s why I’m voting for the Celtics.
Let me tell you tell you the locations of these 2 places. Boston is the capital of Machachussetts and it is located there. Los Angles is located in Calfornia and it is the 2nd largest populated city in the whole entire United States. These two places are very famouse. These 2 places are not only famouse, the have rivalry in some different ways.
Now I’m going to tell you abou the Celtics and their best shooters. Boston has players which are are one of the best shooters in the league. They had 1 player who won the 3-point contest this year. They also had 10 people win ten championships a long time ago. Celtics have many people who won many contests, that’s why they are so good.
For the people who are voting for the Lakers……. you’re gonna get ownwed!!!!!!!!!!!


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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1 Response to NBA Finals 2010 Lakers-Celtics Which team would I pick to win the NBA Finals

  1. Lakers Fan says:

    boooooo cavaliers…Go Lakers Go…Kobe is awesome1..Be ready to see Lakers lifting this Years NBA Trophy

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