What animal would I be

The animal I would want to be is a bald eagle I’m going to tell you why.
The 1st reson why I would want to be a bald eagle is because I really want to fly. Also I wouldn’t be eaten by other animals (though I would fight predators if they come to mess up with me). But most of all, I would want to have good eyesight because I do not have a good eyesight. But thing I wished, is that bald eagles could eat almost anything but I couldn’t, I could only eat birds which are smaller or weaker than me.
The 2nd reason has to do with colors. Bald Eagles camoflauge well. If I was a bald eagle, and some hunter came to shoot me, I would have camoflauged so well that the hunter wouldn’t have seen me. I also blend in my colors with a tree and fly down to catch a mouse or a mice who fell for my deadly trick. But this is not only what the bald eagle can do with colors, it can do many other fassinating stuff.
The last reason I would want to be a bald eagle has to do with deffense. The bald eagle has a very good deffensive skill, one of them is when the bald eagle flies up takes a U turn and when you’re not looking, he will scratch you with his deadly claws. Some bald eagles fight hawks for a nest, but the bald eagles beaks and claws can take down a hawk. I also would want to be a bald eagle because of its claws, I can scratch many other birds or animals who want to mess up with me. Bald eagles have many other deffensive skills, what I shared with you is what I thing are good deffensive skills of the bald eagle in my opinion.
You see, isn’t being a bald eagle awsome? I shared to you why I would want to be a bald eagle. I hope I here your ideas of what animal you would want to be. BYE!


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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