African Safari

Hi everybody! 2 days ago I went to the African Safari. I went there with my friends and some other friends of my parents. Just to tell you, the African Safari is located in Ohio,Cleveland. It is 3 hours away from detroit or from where I live.

It was 8:00 in the morning, and everyone woke up and got ready to go the Safari. I got up and was the first person to take a shower. I ran downstairs, did my daily routine, sat down on a couch, and started to wait to leave. Once everybody was done (9:30) we left. But first, we had to pick up my friend Kamal because me and my mom asked him to come.

When we picked up Kamal, I saw him with his ds-i (which I have been dying to buy). When Kamal entered the car, we headed straight to a fast food resturant called Burger King. It was in a place called Troy. Then, we switched to a different car (it was my dad’s friend). Me and him were happy because the only people were my dad and his friend (front) and me and Kamal (back).

Whwn we were driving to the African Safari, me and Kamal had LOTS of fun by eating fries and drinking Gatorade and playing the ds-i.But the 3 hours and all is very boring when me and Kamal were exited. While we were driving, me and Kamal both told eachother stories about what we know about animals. We also played mini-games like Rock Paper Scissors, and Chopsticks. After a very exhausted 3 hours, we reached there.

When we reached to the African Safari, I saw my old friend Tejas. We 3 hanged out with eachother and actally fead animals. We also saw my sisters friends and some other friends of my parents. At the African Safari, the first thing we did is ate food because everyone was starving. When everyone ate, we finaly started to walk around and see animals.

Well, when I said ” see animals”, we actually got to ride on animals such as camels, and ponys. We also got to touch some animals such as raccoons. All this riding and stuff was not fun for me. I wanted to do something like actually walk an animal. But, I didn’t mind.

It was now time to feed the animals ( the last thing we are doing). First, we brought animal food and started to feed animals from the car. Some of the animals were weak and some were tough. The most toghest animal was the aux. It was so strong that it actually pulled awaw a hole cup of food from 5 people!!

About 4 hours had past, and it was time to go. Well, you know what it means to go, right? I guess this is how I’ll end it off.


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