Frozen Niagra

Hi, I’m going to tell you about my trip to Frozen Niagra.
It was 2:45 and it was time to go to the frozen Niagra. Now, just to tell you, Frozen Niagra is kind of boring. So I hope you don’t get bored when I’m telling you the story. Just like last time Myles had to explain the boring rules, right? Well, this time it was better, one tourist (our guide once again but different) explained the rules fast enough that we got enough time to spend time in the cave.
When we entered the cave, I first saw a HUGE distance from up (where I’m standing) and down (where I saw a big river which its water looked like it’s frozen). It looked really cool. The tourist said something about the owner of Mammoth cave and the owner of Frozen Niagra having some competition to see whos cave can grow the longest. Also, the tourist told us not to touch anything because if we do, our oily bacteria in our skin, will cause an effect to cave which makes it stop growing. Finaly, our tourist took us (a small group of people) down the the cave.
When we got down, we saw a hole on the top of the cave, and on that, there was a small variety of water spilling down which formed an extriemly small stream. Then, she took us 41 steps below to see some of the animals habitat. At first she said this is how long the tour goes and was I mad ( I was about to say: “We paid our money just for this nonsence”). But then while climbing back, she told us something that kind of got me out of topic. She told us to look up, and there, we saw crickets which don’t make that wierd noise (amazing right?).
We finaly finished our tour, but just to say, I liked the Mammoth Cave better than the Frozen Niagra. Hope you liked my story.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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