Kentucky: Mammoth cave

Hi,  I’m going to tell you about my visit to the Mammoth Cave and the Frozen Niagra located in Kentucky (KY).

It was 10:00 clock in the morning , and we had to leave . So we got in the car, got our stuff, well, I only got 2 things: a bottle of coke, and my D.S light. It took us 2-3 hours to get there and we (me, mom, dad, sister, and cousin) saw a deer, a wild turkey, and many other interesting things out in the nature. When we reached to the ticket area, it looked so cool! There was a shop filled with many books. I saw one of my teachers favorite books: Lost in the Woods.

It was 2:00 clock now, and the person who gave us the tickets said that you’r tour is going to be 45 min. later. So we went to a resturant near by and I ate a wonderful grilled cheese sandwhich and a sweet scent of french fries smoking through my nose. ( Hope this doesn’t make you hungry.) When all of us ate, it was 2:45. We were on the right time. So when we entered the tour, this guy ( our guide) named Myles(same as miles) had to explain many boring rules that got me bored. Finaly, we ( a big giant group of people) entered the Mammoth cave.

When the tour started, people started taking pictures like they were out of control. Which you can tell I was blinking like I was out of control. So, people were taking pictures, and stopped as if they saw something amazing. Well, the thing they were looking at is a light that Myles was pointing at. He was pointing at the top of the cave and told us that we are 98 feet below the earth. I also heard him say that the the rocks in the cave, are made out of limestones. Also, he told us that bach in the early 1830’s slaves used to work in the caves. Then we got to this place called Fat Mans Missery.

Fat mans missery is a very thin place. If there was any fat person and if he tried to walk through it, he would be stuck because he is fat. Plus he would loose his life. Sorry, but if you are offended by this sentence and if you are fat,(no offence) but you will be the prey for the Fat Mans Missery. Does that sound scary?

There was 15 min. left on our tour. When we were walking, I looked down and saw the height from were I was standing to the bottom, and it was HUGE!!!! It was about another 98 feet deep. I ran to the front of the line and there I was standing there in the end of the 2 hour tour.



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  1. Morris Mccoy says:

    Super interesting post. Honestly.

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