Mini Society- Introduction

Mini Society is a program in Hampton Elementary School which helps students learn about entreneurship, economics, government, society & more.

To start, we needed to do the following things

1. Pick a name for mini society

A contest was held; all the students had to pick a name than they had to vote. “The 19” suggested by Vincent was picked as the name for our mini society.

2. Design a Banner

Banner design by Zahra was selected

3. Create Dollar design

Dollar design by again Zahra was selected

4. Form a Government


asyou have to pay taxes for using your desk a week. But the money is not real; it is made up by a creative student whose money design has been voted by the most students. There is also another creative and neat student whose Mini Society flag design has been voted by the most students. You can earn jobs by filling out an application and taking a job interview. Some will be picked and some will not. I now I (Veeresh Neralagi) am a Warehouse Manager. That means that I have to take care of a Warehouse my teacher (Mrs. McCauley) owns. Every single person who has a job including me gets paid $75.00 a week. Plus, if we do our morning work every day a week, we get paid $50.00 plus $75.00 if you have a job. If you don’t have a job, you need to make your own business by yourself, or with someone else. There cannot be more than two people working in a business together. For people who have jobs and for the people who own a business, can hire people to sell their products or help them in commercials. But those people who helped you should at least get paid more than a $1.00 for only Mini Society. There is a lot more to learn about Mini Society than just to know about it. Thanks for reading my first chapter of Mini Society. Stay tuned for more exiting chapters coming up.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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