My writing piece

Hello I just wanted to share you guys a story I made up. Ok so here it is.

Revenge of the Avalanche Monster

By:Veeresh Neralagi

One cold and snowy day in Antarctica, a spy named Anthony and a tiger named Big Tiger were walking in the woods. Anthony and Big Tiger knew all the surviving skills. They had a secret watch which scanned everything and told them about it. It warned them in advance about all the dangers that they would face & told them how to avoid it & be safe. While Anthony and Big Tiger were walking in the woods, Anthony was wondering why it was so quiet in Antarctica; usually in Antarctica it is so loud. So Anthony pulled out his secret watch and scanned everything in the woods but the watch couldn’t find any data.

“Roar”! Big Tiger sensed something. Anthony asked Big Tiger-“What is it”? Big Tiger told Anthony (in his brain) that the Avalanche Monster took all the people and put them in his cave. Then, Anthony was confused “The Avalanche Monster? I thought it was dead”! The reason why Anthony was so confused is because a long time ago Big Tiger and Anthony defeated the Avalanche Monster but for some reason it came back for revenge.

After Anthony came to know to know about the Avalanche Monster he went to investigate. While Anthony was investigating, Anthony kept on hearing funny and weird noises. Anthony thought the noises were coming from the Avalanche Monster. But it didn’t sound like the Avalanche Monster to Anthony. Perhaps, the Avalanche Monster is & trying to disguise its voice. Its mean, scary, powerful, and very sneaky.

After the loud and scary noises Anthony this time heard the same sound under a hole. Anthony went close to see what it was, but suddenly…………POP!!! “Oh no it’s the Avalanche Monster” Anthony cried. Anthony stepped back and called out-“BIG TIGER”!!! Then everything started to shake. Just before Big Tiger arrived Anthony quickly got grabbed by the Avalanche Monster. Anthony quickly got out his laser and sliced the Avalanche Monsters arm. Then, the Avalanche Monster started to throw snowballs at Anthony. Just before the Avalanche monster was about to throw a 100 inch snowball at Anthony, Big Tiger bursts out of nowhere and crushes the 100 inch snowball.

Then, Big Tiger jumped on the Avalanche Monster and started to scratch it with its deadly claws which nobody could resist. Big Tiger now grabs the Avalanche Monsters head and slams him again and again. Just before Big Tiger could get its last grip on the Avalanche Monster, the Avalanche Monster grabs Big Tiger on the neck and slams Big Tiger with a powerful jam to the hard and rough ground. Now Big Tiger has been destroyed.

Suddenly Anthony got so furious that he built up amazing powers in his body that the jumped up so high brought down his laser and sliced the whole Avalanche Monsters body in half. The Avalanche Monsters now dead. So Anthony went back to his lab and celebrated the victorious battle between Anthony and the Avalanche Monster, but he missed his best buddy “Big Tiger”.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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2 Responses to My writing piece

  1. Shilpa says:

    Oh, sorry to know that Big tiger was destroyed. Just like the Avalanche monster was back again, is there a way you can resurrect Big Tiger in the next story that you write. Nice story, Mehul

  2. Siddeshwar says:

    I wish Big Tiger was around to celebrate the victory over Avalanche Monster. Can you make Big Tiger come back to life in your next story?

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