My Basketball game

I woke up in the morning and I already started to get ready. It was my mom who was holding up all the time. So I bugged my mom to get ready so I have extra time to practice. Well, that didn’t even last a second. My mom sat at the computer for 2 hours. So I took bath and by the time it was 1: oo, we finally got in the car. When we reached to my basketball mach, the game has already started!
The score was 3-1 and the other team was winning. I quickly got in the game and started to shoot threes. But that wasn’t enough, even if we made huge threes or made easy shots, the team was still in the lead. After the game ended the score was 24-15. I was not that angry that we lost. I still had another game to play. If we beat that team then we will enter the playoffs. So I knew our team had another chance.
Well there it is my last game I have to win this game. In the first 3 quarters the game was in our hands we were leading as many as 14 points! But then in the fourth quarter the other team started to improve a little bit. But just like the other game, my team kept on leading even if the other team makes any good shots. We won the game and now, my team is in the playoffs. I am very happy that my team is in the playoffs and I hope we win the championship.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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