Basketball game

Hello people I have very good news. The good news is that I won my Basketball match. So Im going to tell you how I did it.

At 10 o clock sharp in the morning I strted getting ready for my basketball game. I brushed my teeth did that and that until I was ready. My mon and dad got ready too we headed to my basketball game when it was 12:46 , The game started at 1:00. So this time, my parents and I came at the correct time to my baketball game.

When I entered the court, I had 7min to practice. So I practiced my lay-ups and passing the ball.
After the game started, the other team won the jump ball and carried the ball to the basket but missed. My team got the ball headed to the basket and scored, the score now was 2-0 when the other team checked thee ball, one of my teammates stole the ball from the other team and gave the ball to me. I got the ball went to the basket and scored, the score was now 4-0. Five minnutes passed by and the the score now was 12-2.

After the buzzer beater rang, the second quarter satrted. Our team was in the mood to play so they passed shot the ball and also stole the ball and ran to the basket. I have so far made 4 points out of 12. When the second quarter started, my team scored alot. They scored points which know made the score 20-6.

When the 3rd quarter started it was very wierd because, the other team didnt look like they were trying. So my team once again made points. So while the third quarter was continuously going on, I have scored 8 points out of 20, and the score was 24-7.

When the 4rth quarter started, I took a rest but one wierd moment my coach took someone out of the game and sent me in the game when Im supposed to be in the game. But I really didnt care because I was still in the mood to play the game. After the game ended, I finished the game of with the score 28-7, and I scored 10 out of 28.

Well folks thats how my basketball game went. See you later.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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