Pokemon – Introduction

Have you ever heard the word Pokemon? Well,that word is still there today. Pokemon are factious creatures with attacking skills like flamethrower. Pokemon is a game where it needs skills, your brain, Pokemon, and teamwork with your Pokemon. Today, Pokemon are everywhere, they are in books, video games, lunchboxes, T-shirts, trading cards, and so on.

In the early 1980s a young boy in the age of 9 was collecting insects and bugs. Soon he made a whole collection. And that is how Pokemon started, collecting and battling with challengers.In the whole entire Pokemon history, there is not just one type of Pokemon, there are lot of types like-fire, water, grass, electric, poison, dark, physic, fighting, flying, dragon, and many more.

If you know 69 Pokemon, dont think you know a lot. There are more than 400 Pokemon in the whole world. And as time pass, more Pokemon are created.Pokemon are very cool creatures and its an amazing game. You can learn more about Pokemon if you go to http://www.pokemon.com.But if you dont get anything, please write me a comment.

Remember, there is lot more to learn about Pokemon. I will write more about each of these Pokemon. I also hope you learned the 4 basic facts about Pokemon.


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