Basketball league – 1st winter match Dec 5th 2009

It was 9.30 AM on Dec 5th & I suddenly got up & hurried towards my mom, who was in deep sleep. I woke her & asked her to take me to Joe Dumars as I had my first basketball league match of winter season was at 10.00 AM. So we both got ready quickly, off we were on the road zooming towards Fieldhouse.

When we were going I was really nervous because it was my first match of winter season & we had a play with a tough team, which had the best player-Dylan B. The very thought of Dylan with a black headband slamming dunks made me feel we had already lost the match. So I told myself play hard & play as a team. By the time we reached Fieldhouse it was 10.05, we hurried & went inside, the match had already started!

When I went to the garden court where my match was, I saw the score and my team was leading 6-2! I was happy; more happy because Dylan was not there. I knew we had chance to win. My coach sent me in the game, the score was 6-4, quickly I got ball in my hand & I made goal & scored 2 pts for my team. The first shot & 2 points – I was happy!

Minutes & quarters passed by & we were trailing by few points. I knew it would be a close match. 1 min was remaining & the score was 15 – 16. We were trailing by 1 point. I got the ball in my hand & rushed towards the net & scored 2 points. Our team was leading 17-16. I was thrilled thinking that I changed the game & made our team win. But it was not as I had guessed. Due to foul made by 1 of our team member in the ring the opponents got 2 free shots & to our bad luck they scored both the points. The score was 17-18 & the time remaining is 20 seconds. Wait the game is not over yet, I got the ball in my hand & passed it to my teammate who was near the net & he shot a 2 pointer The score was 19-18 & the time remaining was 0 seconds. We had won the match by 1 point. Our team was very happy especially our coach & parents who came to support us. Coach came up to me & said I did a very good job & my mom was proud of me.

It was my Moms birthday. Me winning the match was her gift. We both came back home happily & shared this happy news with my dad, sister & smita aunty. It was a very close match that I ever played.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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