My Trip to Jamkhandi

When I was going to Jamkhandi I went with my grandfather , my mom, my sister, my dad, and of course me. So it was a 3 hour drive and my sister was keeping all of us entertained by saying funny stuff which was made no sense. So I don’t know why but it only felt like 30 min drive because my sister was keeping me busy with the laughing business.

When i got to the place called Jamkhandi, the first thing I did is fed the cows. And then I went inside the house and I played with a small car which was awesome. And I played with my favorite transportation toy which is a Airplane. So then it was starting to get too dark because we reached there in 8 o clock in the night from my best place called Hangaraki. So yes as it was getting dark I took a nice fresh bath and I saw almost all my cousins dancing who were in Jamkhandi. After the dance my little cousin Pranav and I were playing a game which he had to try to run over me with a car so after sometime he had to go to the bathroom but he didn’t take off his pants, he actually did it like that & wet his pants.

So when I woke up in the second day of Jamkhandi I went to this palace which was my cousins school. When i just entered the palace I saw this extremely cool garden and when I went inside the palace, it was not maintained good because there was spider webs all over and bats all over. So after sometime my dad and I went to the top of the palace but the top was the worst because there was pigeon poop all over the floor, so when my dad and I were looking around in the top my dad took pictures and after sometime we came down and went home.

So when we got home there was a drawing contest so I drew the best that I can do. Girls were more tempted to win the prize more than participating, especially Nandini. But unfortunately for the Girls my Drawing was Good.

Then there was my cousin Prachi’s Birthday party so my cousin Richa and my sister Nandu were very excited because they only wanted to do all the work. So when the birthday started I took pictures and finally we cut the cake and sang happy birthday and then ate the chocolate and vanilla cake. And then the birthday party was over and the fun day was over.

It was time to leave Jamkhandi, we said bye to our cousins & touched feet of elders & did namaskar. Everybody got first place prize in drawing competition which was real silver coin.
When we were going back to Hangaraki we had some technical difficulties because my moms cousin was sick because he overate..& he was vomiting. So when we were going to Hangaraki it was only my mom, my grandfather, my father and me. But my sister was in the other car so when we were on the road I opened this biscuit pack which had a toy in it which will make you laugh. Okay the toy was when you put water in a tube and stick it to a hole in a man toy and when you squeeze the tube, the man will pee. So 

 I was playing it until I got to Hangaraki. So that is all about the trip to Jamkhandi.


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3 Responses to My Trip to Jamkhandi

  1. savitri says:

    please insert some photos of jamkhandi photos like palace,temples and will be nice to view.

  2. Pratik kumathe says:

    Plz insert some photoes of jamkhandi palace

  3. shrikant Deshpande says:

    I left 1975 after that i have not visited at present i am in Thane(mah)
    my age is 54 my uncle is staying there but i have no contact with him.pls keep me informed about present state,lifestyle industrial& other imp. changes my place has undergon regards.

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