My cousins – Pavan, Karthik, Hemanth

I have 3 cousin brothers, they are Karthik,Hemanth,and Pavan. They all go to the same boarding school. There dads are my dads 2 brothers.

from left to right: me, Karthik, Pavan, Hemanth and in the front – my sister nandini.

I like them because whenever I am bored they used to take me to a play structure and we used play tons and tons of games. Karthik is in 8th grade 13 years old. Hamanth is in 6th grade 11 years old. Pawon is in 10nth grade 15 years old. Pavon lives in Bagalore and Karthik and Hemanth both live in Ranebennur because they both are brothers. Our favorite games are SOCCER, BASKETBALL, and CRICKET.

I met them 2 times 1 in 2005-2006 and the other one was in 2009. I like my 3 cousins and the next time I see them, Im going to stay with them FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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  1. Kevin Garnett says:


    What happened ? no new interesting blogs lately.

    Becoming lazyyyyyyyyyyy


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