My sister Nandini

Do you have a sister? Well I have a sister and im going to tell you some good and bad things about my sister.

My sisters name is Nandini, she is 6 years old born In 2003 JULY 3rd. She doesn’t fight with me much and she respects me fairly. Whenever I need help on somethings, like to get permission from my parents for certain things – which they usually say NO Nandini helps me a lot. She knows how to convince my parents better than me :-). So when she helps me, my work gets done and time is saved. One time when my friend Kamal came over, it was too loud when we were studying so we told my sister to close the door, and she did.So we got done with our homework with the help of NANDINI.

Since you know that my sister is nice and all there are some things that she needs to improve. My sister is nice but she doesn’t like me to do things which she likes. Once, when I was scrubbing the windows my sister came up and said, “HEY I WANT TO SCRUB THE WINDOWS”. But I refused and said, “NO”. She got so angry that she took me down and I got BLOOD on my skin. So people you may think this is less information, but my sister needs to improve A LOT in her behavior, and so do I. Well you now know that how my sister is nice and bad. But even though she is mean to me, I still like her as my sister. Remember even though you have someone mean in your family you still should respect them trustfully.


About Veeresh Neralagi

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