My Trip to India May 2009

Hello I’m going to tell you how my India vacation started out. It was 2:55 school was almost over and then came my mom into the classroom She said that it was time to go India. So when I went home we all packed Up our luggage and the next day we put our luggage inside the van and then we went to our Friend’s house and then our friend dropped us to the airport and then we checked our luggage in and we took a flight from Detroit to Chicago.

When our flight stopped we reached Chicago and when we got inside we got our bags some badges and then we were in a big line were we had to show our passports, Check our luggage and we had to scan our body. After we were done with that we had to wait for a very long time for our flight so then I got some garlic Pringles because I was so much hungry. And people that is how my India trip started out.

My India trip started out when we got to Bangalore. Ok when I was in Bangalore going to my cousins house I had the sneeze because I was allergic to dust and dust came inside my nose. So when I reached my cousins house I went up the elevator and got to the 14th floor, and then I got inside the house and I took a 3 hour rest.

When I woke up I went to watch TV and my cousins mother gave me kurkure and orange juice while I was watching TV. And people.. that is how my trip to India started out.


About Veeresh Neralagi

A young basketball fan
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1 Response to My Trip to India May 2009

  1. Merlin says:

    Hi Veeresh,

    It was fun reading through your posts. I especially loved the posts about Nandini and your friends in India.
    Your blog is really interesting and you should keep writing. Maybe after some years of blogging you can compare swimming and writing and decide if you want a change in profession. You can earn more money from writing too 🙂
    Take care and i will look forward to more posts from you….I am sure your parents must be very proud of you, it is rare to see kids your age blog, especially in India.
    Take care.
    Sending you and Nadini, loads of love from India

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