My Trip to India – Hangarki: Chapter 3

After that my mom and my sister were going shopping with their friends then my mom asked me if I want to come and I said no but bring coke when you come back. So I waited for a long time but my mom didn’t come yet so I switched on the T. V and started watching Boomerang. So then I asked my Grandmother if they have a bike and my Grandmother said yes so she showed me the bike and I asked her if I could ride it and my Grandmother said yes again! It was almost night and my mom didn’t come back so then I heard a sound so it was my mom so she gave me the coke and I shacked it and then I opened it and suddenly…You know what happened right…. No, the coke fell on my face so I went inside the house and washed my face and drank the leftovers.

Then my mom’s sister called me for dinner. So I ate my dinner and slept and woke up the next day. At the day I woke up I heard my sister say this very funny song that I laughed so badly. So then I brushed my teeth and went out to play with my bike and when I did suddenly again……….


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1 Response to My Trip to India – Hangarki: Chapter 3

  1. siddesh says:

    Do you remember how you laughed while watching ‘Sholay’, you would rewind and watch when Gabbar Singh laughed… hehheehheee

    Also while watching ‘Good, Bad & Ugly’, when Ugly makes scary face at the old woman looking up at him with a noose around his neck.

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